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Welcome to Your Virtual Wellness Center
Helping Men and Women Love Self and Renew Their Relationships


Are you feeling alone and lost?

Is your relationship is falling apart?

Is it hard to look your partner in the eyes because the pain is too deep?

Are you feeling stuck, confused, ashamed or misunderstood? 

Do you have trouble sleeping at night, or being in the same room as your partner because you are filled with anxiety, fear, anger or sadness?

Is it affecting your job, your professional life or personal life? 

Want the arguments and uncomfortable feelings to end, but not sure where to go for help?

...Then you have found the PERFECT FIT for your emotional wellness.


Get support today, because...

One thing is for sure, "Nothing Changes, IF Nothing Changes"

so do something for your happiness today!

You may be facing problems that seem insurmountable,

but we promise you will experience the relief, comfort and healing

as you learn this special 20-year collection of techniques for developing, 

self-loveself-esteem, clarity, relationship renewal and goal achievement support 

to transform your life today!

 Love, joy, peace and fulfillment are your birthright and the way to upgrading your life to experience them is just a click away!

Email us to schedule your 

FREE 20-minute Consultation Call 

You will be able to ask your questions about this amazing coaching program.



You will feel joy, peace, love and a new profound momentum to

create an amazing and fulfilling LIFE, for the rest of your life! 


We welcome you to participate in this amazing variety of resources,

build your growth filled community and apply these tools to your life while having fun growing and learning with your online wellness coach and virtual community.

Experience deep diving into your emotional healing and mind mastery to create the life that gives you the fast track to a life of

love, joy, peace and harmony.

Sitting at a lake at sunset

Our Services

  • Virtual Counseling & Coaching for Individuals 
  • Virtual Counseling & Coaching for Couples
  • Virtual Webinars & Trainings
  • Virtual Weekly Wellness Support Groups
  • In-Person Wellness Retreats
    For ages 18 and over only

This incredible mind-mastery

and emotional wellness program offers tools and techniques for learning

how to heal your past patterns

and create new and happier self and teaches you how to overflow that love, peace and joy to your partner, family and passions!


We teach a variety of skills that activates new neuropathways of greater self-love, self-esteem and confidence to help you to create the happiness, peace and love

that you deserve to have.

Upshift your life with

your very own expert LIFE COACH who will teach and support you in your healing, happiness and renewed hope.

You can also participate in webinars, hosted by Tammy, special guest speakers and other students in the wellness community as well as

drop in for live weekly support groups, game night for adults to play powerful uplifting fun and sometimes funny virtual games!

As a member, you also get 24-hour access to online community support peer postings, weekly inspirational and powerful wellness training videos, as well as wellness reflection sheets to help you grow in between live group and individual sessions.

You will learn how to think positive, feel incredible,

and live a life that you LOVE.

It's time to let go of good, and the not so good,

for GREAT!

Tammy will show you how to gently heal unresolved past experiences, upgrade your neuropathways to new and improved patterns of thought, feelings and actions in ways that are engaging, fun and deeply renewing.  

Get the support you've been craving deep inside.

You are not alone.

See how much easier everything in your life can get with this powerful support in your corner.


Contact Us

Email us to get more information

and to sign up for your

FREE 20 minute coaching call! 

Thank You for Contacting Us!

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