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Tammy Foster, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Certified Life Coach for over 20 years

She became a life coach and addiction specialist in her twenties,

a psychotherapist in her thirties, and now in her forties,

she is spreading her love and incredible techniques with the world as an author, retreat host, and

heart-mind mastery counselor and coach.

Tammy has dedicated her life to helping others expand self-love and to heal their relationships from healthy, secure attachment. Tammy teaches 43 techniques to wellness and is writing a book currently on Self-Love and Self-Esteem Mastery

Who We Serve

We serve adult men and women

who are struggling from relationship challenges, unresolved shame and pain, confusion, low self-esteem, loneliness, rejection, fear, sadness, anger and despair.


Our Secret Sauce

Upshift coaching and community is a game changer. Life goes from uneasy and exhausting to INCREDIBLE with these fast and effective tools and heart-felt support for your healing and for helping you to create a life you love.


Members learn how to deepen self-love, secure based thinking and create healthy habits with self, their partners and loved ones, as well as enjoy instant community and fun events filled with other

Upshift friends. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, this program is founded on and served with...

The Most Powerful Source and Force

in the Universe...


And where there is Love...

 anything is possible, as is your healing and happiness!


Helping adults develop healthy and happy relationship with self and joyful, loving, fulfilling relationships with their loved ones

 by providing

individuals and couples with a virtual community that includes individual counseling and coaching sessions, support groups, webinars, retreats and positive online activities.


We help men and women to break codependency patterns and attachment challenges and unresolved inner-child trauma so they can have peace, love, and joy within, so they can overflow that powerful love and authenticity

to their partner, passions and purpose!

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