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Are you feeling sad, anxious, upset or stuck in life? Our individual counseling and coaching programs can help you find your way and move forward towards a better future. 


Tammy provides a safe and supportive virtual environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings, and develop a deeper understanding, acceptance and deeper loving of yourself, so you can experience and express the love that you truly deserve.

 Working with Tammy is life changing. It's energetic uplifting and deep inner child healing into a freer, happier, more joyful fulfilled you.

Are you feeling like you hit a roadblock in your relationship and your relationship is NOT getting better...

Do you feel like there is more that you desire and deserve in your partnership and not sure how to create a happy, healthy relationship?


Then, join our counseling and coaching program and positive uplifting community. You will you have the warm support of direct coaching and counseling as well as live structured support groups with Tammy.


Uncover the things that are holding you captive from reaching your relationship fullest and amazing potential,

even if your partner is not interested in participating.


Discover the 3-Step System that will help you create a joyful, passionate, fulfilling relationship, without reading 100 self-help books, or doing the training, research and studies of 20 years, like Tammy did.  Become the A+ version of yourself,

for yourself

and overflow the new happier you

to all whom you love!

Let us help you with emotional relief and show you how to have a happy, joyful and fulfilling relationship.

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We are eager and excited to hear from you!

When you are ready, we will be here.

Our Approach

We believe that you deserve a safe place,

and a virtual home

where you can enjoy support from Tammy

and a positive community 

at any hour of the day, so you can...


love, acceptance and support




over 20 years of accumulated emotional wellness skill set, including

communication mastery, emotional wellness, relationship renewal and how to truly be HAPPY, HEALTHY, JOYFUL & FULLFILLED.  



support positive community peer support as well as prerecorded inspirational videos to help you stay motivated for your new happier and healthier version of you and your relationships.


and coast in the fast lane of your WELLNESS!

Instead of struggling to improve your relationship or your emotional wellbeing with a mere one 45-minute session a week,

like traditional counseling...


 with Upshift 247 

Where you have a choice to enjoy one hour, or many hours of support

and fun every week!

You can be happy again and more deeply than ever before with this cutting-edge reformative support!


Come get uplifted so you can upshift

your relationship, your self-love, your life!


Enjoy your virtual wellness center providing you

  • Individual, couples, group counseling & coaching sessions

  • Emotional wellness classes & trainings

  • 24-hour access to peer support with your Upshift community


You will learn a powerful

3-Step process to renewing 

yourself and your relationship!


Deepen your understanding about who you are, deep dive with your coach on what you are going through and learn techniques to heal and love yourself more deeply.  and you be able to love one another from a deeper state of reception, authenticity, healthy fulfillment and overflow.

Come join us for some healthy fun during game nights where we expand love together, learn to meditate, master mindfulness, practice techniques and tools that bring much greater joy than a typical weekend of dining and drinking.


We recognize that each individual and each couple is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs by consistently offering more counseling and coaching tailored to your topics of interest. 


Tammy is warm, compassionate and non-judgmental, and will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is both effective and realistic. We believe in empowering our clients to take an active role in their emotional health and well-being, but also giving them the tools that will make their relationships overflow with joy, love, intimacy, trust, healing and renewal. 


 Let Tammy and your virtual community

help you enhance your awareness, acceptance and aligned positive actions towards a brighter future.

Enjoy a free complimentary consultation where you get expert assessment and support in helping you see if this program is best fit for your needs.


Click Here

to get your FREE one time 20-minute

Consultation Call with Tammy

By appointment only

My Approach
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